Your retirement concierge.

Manifest is the easiest way to consolidate your retirement accounts.

Don’t lose track of your retirement savings

"I’m very impressed with Manifest. Instead of having to worry about looking for documents, figuring out how transfers work, or troubleshooting issues on my own, Manifest took care of my transfer for me."

Her 401(k) with Vanguard

"This is amazing. The app helped me complete a task that's been on my to-do list for 3 years, in 30 minutes!"

Her old 401(k) at Interpublic Group

"Manifest's expertise with transfers simplified the entire process for me and led to a seamless and efficient transfer of my retirement savings."

His 401(k) at Beam Suntory

"I almost lost my old account forever. Manifest’s support, convenience, and transparency helped me maximize my retirement savings every step of the way."

Her old 401(k) with Fidelity

Using Manifest has it's Benefits

Access our application and specialist day or night. We're ready to maximize your retirement savings!

Responsive Web App

Use Manifest on your phone, computer, or any device that's convenient.

Minimal Effort

Save 6+ hours of effort, eliminate needless paperwork, and avoid days of confusion.

24/7 Support

Manifest is the first and only registered financial advisors specialized on rollovers.

You’re in Control

We never sell or rent your information with outside companies.

Why Manifest?


Peace of Mind

Old accounts often have higher fees and there at 16+ orphaned retirement accounts.

The typical Manifest user grows their savings by $8,800 with less than 10 minutes of effort by consolidating.

Locates old accounts - even if you don’t remember where they are.

Help you choose and secure your optimal destination

Run 25+ checks to avoid unexpected risks before initiating your transfer


1-Click Consolidation

With Manifest, you get a guide to hunt down your old accounts, secure a destination, and track your transfer in less than 10 minutes.


We do the heavy lifting

You don't need to prepare anything to start using Manifest. We'll save you 6+ hours of effort by handling all of you phone calls and paperwork while sharing updates with you until your funds arrive at their destination.

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES- 256) and Transport Layer Security (TLS)

Secure cloud infrastructure technologies

Security audits by researchers and financial institutions


Manifest's technology keeps
your data safe

Manifest has more security protocols around transfers than retirement providers. To help keep your data safe, we are raising the bar.

Manifest doesn’t charge you for our services

Thanks to your employer or provider you have access to Manifest for free. They pay a small fee every time you consolidate, so that we can make saving accessible to everyone.

Take the next step

Don’t lose track of your savings. Normally Manifest is accessed through your employer.