Your Most Valuable Voluntary Benefit - Manifest

Manifest is a voluntary benefit


what manifest does

Facilitates direct rollovers

what manifest does

Guide participants into a suitable plan

what manifest does

Manifest relies on employers for access to participants

what manifest does

Supercharge your existing plan by unlocking consolidation

what manifest does

Educate users on retirement basics, so HR doesn't have to

Manifest DOES NOT

what manifest do not do

Touch money

what manifest do not do

Manage investments

what manifest do not do

Interact with recordkeepers

what manifest do not do

Change anything in your plan document

what manifest do not do

Give financial advice

Similar to other voluntary benefits, but Manifest is the first and only retirement consolidation perk

Perks are hot. Selecting the best portfolio of perks in a changing workforce can be tricky. Often employers have chosen perks in the following categories:

Healthcare Enrollment Tools (e.g Jellyvision (Alex), Healthee, HealthJoy)

  • These tools have bots that help employees choose healthcare plans, minimize costs, and get utilization without affecting the health plan or providing healthcare. Manifest does the same in retirement.

  • These benefits can decrease the cost of healthcare for the company. Manifest can reduce 401(k) plan costs by up to 20%. See how

  • Unlike these tools, Manifest is free for employers, requires no integrations, and has zero enterprise contracts.

Gym Memberships (e.g Equinox, Planet Fitness, Peloton)

  • Employers have maximum flexibility on how these benefits are distributed to participants. Manifest is a web application, and employers can distribute Manifest by providing URL. We're great additions to your onboarding, open enrollment, and/or online portals.

  • Participants are voluntary to join the gym memberships. Similarly, participants choose to use Manifest since it's 100x easier than today's manual transfer process. Alternatively, they can always decide to roll over independently or hire a third-party advisor.

  • It is common for gym memberships to offer services for a discounted rate. Unlike gym memberships, our solution is free to participants since financial institutions pay for Manifest!

Manifest can be your most effective perk - 3x growth in recruitment, retention, and retirement savings.