Calculate Manifest's Impact

Active Participants


By transferring in 3 old account(s)¹ with an average balance of $8,100², participants can gain $8,748 from consolidation over 10 years³.

Total account balance after consolidation
Lower Fees
Easier to Manage
Lower Cash out Risks
Unconsolidated Accounts
Consolidated Accounts

Inactive Participants

For every 1 inactive account transferred out, a plan can gain $540 in cost over 5 years⁵.

Total Cost Reduction from Transferring
$360 (72 x 5yrs)
Employer Cost⁶ +
$180 (36 x 5yrs)
Participant Cost⁷

Active Accounts

1The average American has 2.8 old accounts (2,500 Participant Survey)
2$8,100 is the average retirement balance in 2018
3Data assumes a 6% market return with a long-term investment horizon
4Consolidation can increase an account by 36% over 10 years because the consolidated account is generally better managed, has lower cash out risks and lower fees (Washington University)

Inactive Accounts

5The average inactive account stays in a plan for 5 years or longer (Vanguard DC Survey 2018)
6Employers pay providers about $36/yr in administrative fees and bear a cost of $36/yr for required regulatory communication and fiduciary risk
7Providers charge inactive participants about $36 per year