Retirement infrastructure driving access

Digitizing transfers has the biggest benefit for providers. We are building the pipes between the recordkeepers to create an industry standard.

"There are three key ways to increase retirement savings - increasing participant contributions, increasing employer match, and identifying the best performing securities. Manifest has invented the fourth."

Head of DC Products at a top five recordkeeper


The problem

Providers lose $5.7B annually due to inefficient transfers. Recordkeepers hire hundreds of people to process manual transfers and lose billions in revenue when assets don't arrive.


The solution

Manifest digitizes your transfer infrastructure. Our integration can be deployed in a few weeks, allows you to control rollout, and grows provider margins per participant account.

Why Manifest?


Lightweight Integrations

Manifest piggybacks off existing integrations between recordkeepers and payroll providers. We have designed our APIs by balancing flexibility and interoperability - resulting an integration that begins with a read-only experience.

customize for conversion


Customize for Conversion

Our single API can be customized to fit your brand, user preferences, and allow for our clients to choose which features to unlock. We continuously pay attention to what moves the needle for you and your audience so you can focus on what you do best.

customize for conversion


Create an Industry Standard

Our solution increases the quality of transfer data by reconciling between participants, employers, providers, and regulators. Manifest is 10x more secure and accurate than the existing processes, and our team is constantly improving.

Industry standard

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