Manifest helps employers who are:

increase asset

Interested in growing assets

Manifest grows employee retirement account balances by $13,450.

hiring spree

On a hiring spree

Manifest is an innovative add-on benefit that attracts top talent.


Acquiring other companies

Manifest understands plan migration is a nightmare, and switching recordkeepers can be tricky. In just three steps, Manifest reduces the time to transfer old retirement accounts to the desired destination.


Dominating DE&I goals

Manifest increases employees' engagement, grows savings, and levels the playing field.


Decreasing turnover

Manifest is an independent and interactive retirement account transfer service that supports employees when needed.


Increasing retention

Manifest drives employee satisfaction by removing the stress associated with account rollovers. Manifest users thank their employers an average of 6 times for providing Manifest.

Deeper connections with participants

Switching jobs provides an opportunity to encourage participants to make smart financial decisions. Any employer can deploy Manifest within an hour and without integrations.

deep connection

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