User Journey


Katie figures that she has three inactive retirement accounts from previous employment. She decides to consolidate all of them into one account for better management and to avoid unnecessary fees. However, the amount of paperwork and the prolonged process put her off, so she chose to wait.

prolong process


Katie discovered that her employer recently signed up for Manifest, which offers a digital retirement account transfer service. She now has access to the Manifest web application.


Using Katie's unique employer url, she can create an account with Manifest's web application.
Now she can begin the three-step transfer process.

  1. Locate old accounts

    Katie provides the details for one of her previous retirement account providers but can only list the employer names for her other two. Fortunately, Manifest will figure out the two accounts' missing details for her.

  2. Decide Destination

    Katie provides her current employer-sponsored retirement account details.

  3. Confirm details

    Katie confirms her address and other personal identification details to initiate the transfer.


Manifest runs 25+ checks. A Manifest transfer specialist will contact Katie if there are any issues.

Manifest runs check 1 Manifest runs check 2


Katie receives an email informing her that the transfer is complete.
The whole process takes only 15 days on average.
Due to account consolidation, Katie can expect to see increased growth in her retirement account balance.

transfer complete

Unlock Manifest's digital retirement account transfer tool for your retirement plan participants now!

Manifest is the easiest way to consolidate retirement accounts.